Action plans

National Plan for the Conservation of Inia boliviensis in Bolivia

The National Plan, presented by the Ministry of Environment and Water of Bolivia (Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Agua, MMAyA), is a principal tool for foundations, organizations, universities and other local actors to guide activities required to reach the common goal:

To promote the conservation of Bolivian dolphin populations (Inia boliviensis) and the aquatic habitats in which they live, through the planning and implementation of actions in the area of research, public outreach, communication, environmental education and sustainable development.

Interntional Plan for the conservation of river dolphins in South America

The Action Plan for South American River Dolphins represents a consensus of river dolphin biologists and government officers from South American countries inhabiting river dolphins. It concerns the status of the different river dolphin species, threats to their survival, and measures needed to better understand and address those threats.

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