Telling the river dolphin story

Outreach initiatives to protect the river dolphins in Bolivia

Bolivian river dolphins embody the richness of the Bolivian Amazon and serve as indicators of the status of rivers and lakes in which they live. We have experienced that many people are little or not familiar with river dolphins, also in places where they occur. Sensitizing people about the importance of river dolphins is critical not only for the conservation of these animals but also for the entire freshwater ecosystem.

Through the INIAtive outreach program, we want to make people aware and understand what is so special about these dolphins, how they are affected by changes in the environment, why research is so important and what we learn from it and what the importance and benefits are to maintain a healthy freshwater ecosystem. Our ultimate goal is that people embrace and participate in conservation efforts.

Our conservation outreach activities focus on different target groups in and outside Bolivia (i.e. the general public, local communities, and tourists) and include school visits and public talks, media work, and the publication of educational materials and teaching resources, training, and volunteering opportunities.


A Symbol of Responsible Tourism in Bolivia

Make the best out of your river dolphin encounter! Ensure your trip is responsible

In the coming years, the river dolphin could be used as a symbol to promote tourism in and to Bolivia. Dolphin tourism would just like in so many other countries make a significant contribution to the local economy. However, it is of utmost importance to stimulate effective management of dolphin tourism, to limit the adverse effects on dolphins and to avoid problems between authorities and local communities.  To encourage responsible dolphin watching we have created an infographic to inform tour operators, tour guides and tourists.


Are you planning to go river dolphin-watching or are you offering trips, download and share our inforgraphic!

Find here the Spanish version. | Encuentra aquí la versión en español.

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