the Bolivian River dolphin

Monkeys, mainly spider monkeys, would show up anytime and amaze me with their antics. I saw a lot of dolphins of a singular species that lives year-round in the rivers. The colour is pink or mottled. It was something new for me to encounter those animals more than eight hundred miles from the sea while most dolphin species live in oceans, or only just get close to river mouths. This animal is very common in Moxos, and it is known in Spanish as Bufeo… This is the species that I have called Inia boliviensis.

– Alcide d’Orbigny

French naturalist who first described the Bolivian river dolphin, 1832

River dolphins in the past and the future

Now about 200 years after the first lively description of an encounter of the Bolivian river dolphins by the French Naturalist Alcide d’Orbigny, these wonderful animals are fortunately still present in Bolivia. However, worldwide river dolphins are facing huge environmental challenges that threaten their existence. Foundation CONCETA Bolivia wants to inspire and contribute to the preservation and protection of the Bolivian river dolphins for another 200 years and much longer.

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The Bolivian river dolphin embodies the richness of the Bolivian Amazon and serves as an indicator of the status of the aquatic ecosystem of which it is part. Being a charismatic animal, the river dolphin can be used to raise awareness of and support for the conservation and management issues of aquatic ecosystems.


With conservation research, we help to advance the understanding of the river dolphin and their interaction with the environment. Information is needed to find ways of ensuring the protection of river dolphins.​


With outreach activities, we want to inspire, motivate, and encourage people to help create a safer and healthier river dolphin world.

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