River dolphins in Bolivia


The Bolivian river dolphin is found in rivers and lakes in the Bolivian part of the Amazon. This dolphin is adapted to living in the river. His body is stocky, its beak is long, he has large pectoral fins and a large tail fin. Unlike many dolphins in the sea, the dorsal fin is remarkably small. The colour of this dolphin can vary from dark gray, white to pink. Although the body is solidly built, the river dolphin is very flexible, this is partly due to its very agile pectoral fins and because unlike dolphins in the sea, the river dolphin can move his neck from side to side.

These adaptations allow the dolphin to enter flooded forests during high water and to forage between the vegetation. What exactly the diet of the Bolivian river dolphin includes is hardly studied, but judging from his closest relative, the Amazon river dolphin, among others in Brazil, they feed on a large variety of fishes (more than 40 species).

As in other countries with river dolphins, the Bolivian river dolphin faces different human influences that pose a threat. Such as water pollution, commercial fishing, and the construction of dams.