Bolivian Amazon


The Bolivian Amazon covers approximately 45% of Bolivia. The country is characterized by a great diversity of ecological zones ranging from snow up to 5000 meters above sea level, deserts, highlands, valleys, to savannas.

Map Bolivia - CONCETA

The area is characterized by a very dynamic nature and has a wide variety of flora and fauna, which are partly preserved in several protected areas. The most important ones are the Madidi National Park and the Noel Kempff Mercado National Park. This region is home to ancient indigenous people as Moxeños – Trinitarians, Yuracarés, Yuquis, Pacahuaras, Chimanes, Lecos, Tacana, and others. Populations that came in contact with Jesuit missionaries during the Spanish colonization and which are the inheritors of a rich cultural heritage.

The most important rivers in the Bolivian Amazon are the Beni, Madre de Dios and Mamore and the Iténez River, which are the main tributaries of the Amazon. For tourists, the Bolivian Amazon offers beautiful landscapes with various travel services such as adventure tourism, wildlife watching, community tourism, cultural tourism, etc.