Outreach and Education

A. Beerman

In addition to research, the foundation is also engaged in the development and implementation of educational activities, in order to give more notoriety and to increase knowledge about the river dolphin. We also believe it is important to encourage people to work together as regards the protection of this animal. We focus on different target groups (young people, adults, communities, governments) and activities (school visits, lectures, media work, publications and the development of educational materials).

A number of examples:

– Development and distribution of informative materials (brochures, posters, leaflets, videos, etc.)

– Reporting in newspapers and magazines

– Collaborate with teacher training programs to develop teaching materials

– Promoting environmental education in schools in the regions with river dolphins

– Involve students in the projects of the foundation

– Report project findings and recommendations to relevant government agencies and industries

– Promoting and supporting sustainable and responsible tourism dolphins